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Lithuanian Candle Houses
We offer ceramic candle houses of top quality ceramic. The houses are of two parts so a candle can be put inside. Usually there is a glazed cavity in the chimney for pouring in  aroma oil. When the candle is burning, the oil is warmed up and the evaporating aroma oil spreads a pleasant fragrance.

A delightful way to add soft lighting to your room. Handmade and hand painted glazed clay house is a replica of European houses. Holds a tea candle for use as a votive, or fragrant gel or oil in the chimney to resemble a charming, inviting home when lit. Candle, gel and oil are not included.

       $7.95 - Round A $7.95 -Square A


     $7.95 - Windmill


  • Ceramic candle house. Each item is hand crafted by an artist in Lithuania.
  • Size: 3 x 2.5 x 4.5 inches 
  • Made in Lithuania
  • Model A


B10 - $24.95 B13 - 24.95
B23 - $24.95 B30 - $24.95
C105 - $39.95 C112 - $39.95
C15 - $39.95 C150 - $39.95
C17 - $39.95 C35 - 39.95


    P474 - $36.95     P74 - $38.95
     R475 - $49.95     R816 - $49.95
    Z116 - $59.95  


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